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About Us

Discover endless possibilities and tap the power of knowledge with Academe E-LMS: Learn. Engage. Excel!

With Academe E-LMS, learning is easy and fun, with cloud technology helping you to:

  • Curate content
  • Track progress
  • Promote collaborative learning
  • Learn effectively online

At Academe E-LMS, we're changing the way people learn. Our E-Learning Management System helps everyone learn better, aids teachers, and gives organizations a new push forward.

Our mission

To radically change the educational system.

Our vision

Maximize the use of Information Technology as an opportunity to effect change.

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Encouraging and Building Education's New Possibilities
Get going with Academe E-LMS, where your knowledge opens doors to countless opportunities and leads to a bright future.

Academe E-LMS Features

Academe E-Learning Management System delivers a powerful suite of functionalities tailored to aid educators and learners in reaching high educational achievements.


Course Management

Effortlessly design, arrange, and oversee courses using detailed resources for curriculum building, content development, and task management. Make course operations smoother and increase educator collaboration.


Online Assessments

Conduct online quizzes, tests, and assessments with customizable question types, automated grading, and instant feedback. Monitor each student's advancement and examine performance figures for clearer learning results.


Multimedia Content

Improve learning with content rich in multimedia, such as videos, interactive slideshows, and audio materials. Engage students with dynamic and visually appealing materials.


Discussion Forums

Promote teamwork and interactive learning via integrated discussion forums. Encourage students to exchange ideas, ask questions, and participate in meaningful academic discussions.


Progress Tracking

Watch students' progress in real-time and track their accomplishments throughout the course. Gain insights into individual performance, identify areas for improvement, and provide targeted support.


Communication Tools

Facilitate seamless communication between instructors and students through announcements, messaging systems, and email notifications. Foster a supportive learning community and encourage timely feedback.


Gradebook Management

Optimize the grading task with a straightforward gradebook tool. Easily record, calculate, and manage student grades, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in evaluating student performance.


Mobile Accessibility

Access learning materials and engage in coursework anytime, anywhere, using mobile devices. Academe E-LMS is designed for responsiveness, adjusting to different device screens for a consistent learning opportunity regardless of location.


Integration Capabilities

Integrate Academe E-LMS with existing educational systems, such as student information systems or third-party tools, to consolidate data and streamline workflows. This integration fosters enhanced compatibility and optimizes task management efficiency.


Analytics and Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports and analytics on student performance, course engagement, and overall learning outcomes. Utilize data-driven insights to make informed decisions and continuously improve the learning experience.

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